Our Mission to Shield Our NHS

Shielding Our NHS

From Covid-19

We are currently facing unprecedented times with the Coronavirus pandemic it’s clear that our front-line NHS staff are at increased risk of being infected which also puts patients at risk.

With the guidance on personal protective equipment changing and the pressures of Covid-19 mounting, we have to support our NHS in this time of need.

We are on a mission to donate hundreds of thousands of protective face shields to our NHS workers. Help us to make it happen!

We Need Your Help

We are working with a number of UK manufacturers to produce these face shields in mass production. They can produce tens of thousands of the individual parts of the shield very quickly, but it takes some manual labour to assemble the parts together. 

This is limiting their ability to make huge numbers. This is where you can help:

We need volunteers who are willing to be sent a box of parts that they can use to assemble the shields. We’re suggesting 200 shields per delivery, not too many for a single person to assemble. We can then collect them the next day to be sent off to health workers in need. The demand requires a national effort to which we can all contribute.

How To Get Involved in ShieldNHS

To apply to get involved in our mission, please fill out our eligibility form and we will get back to applications as soon as possible.

We’ll also provide you with all the necessary equipment (apart from the scissors) along with instructions required to make the shields. The assembly is very simple, and 200 shields would take one person roughly 3 hours to complete.

If you can help us assemble these shields, please provide your contact details below. Your details will be kept completely confidential. We will contact you with the next steps. 

Additionally, if you are a manufacturer and can produce assembled shields or any of the materials listed below, or if you can help with deliveries and logistics, please fill out our suppliers’ form.

Materials List

We will supply you with the following materials which will be used to make the Badger Shields

Want To Help Us Shield Our NHS?

Help Us To Manufacture More Protective Shields