How We’re Funded

Our Funding Journey

ShieldNHS has been able to secure private funding so far in our mission to produce face shields for the NHS. This has enabled us to purchase production supplies and materials to make an initial 43,000 face shields over the coming weeks.

We are hoping to secure more private funding and make hundreds of thousands of shields to help frontline staff in the fight against COVID-19. All of our face shields are supplied completely for free to the NHS, we’re all working together to help fight COVID-19.

All of our team are working for free on the project and the entire organisation is strictly not for profit. Many companies and individuals have been generous enough to offer us their time or services for free and we have been able to purchase materials at a significantly reduced price to help us in our mission.

After funding our first 43,000 shields and having already accumulated requests of 25,000 face shields from NHS hospital trusts, GP surgeries, care homes and NHS ambulance trusts across the UK, we have decided to start taking public donations to raise another £40,000. If we reach this target, this will mean that we can make and donate another 40,000 face shields to our NHS frontline workers!


All our materials are paid for directly by the registered Charitable trust who are funding us. They have allocated us enough funds to pay for all supplies needed to make our first 40,000 + shields.

This means our team has not had to spend any time sourcing funds for the first phase of our operation to get shields where they are needed as soon and as safely as possible.

You cannot currently donate to ShieldNHS. We do not at this time have a crowdfunding platform set up to raise money and hence we are just seeking private donations through our own contacts.

This may change in the future, but we thought it was important to not ask the public for money until we have both a proven production method and supply of materials ready to create more shields.

Update 10th April 2020: After popular demand and to meet with the projected number of face shield requests over the next few weeks, we have decided to start fundraising for public donations.

All donations go directly to our initial funding charity and will be spent 100% on face shields for our frontline workers. Each face shield costs approximately £1 to make.

We are looking for volunteers to work on assembling face shields in their homes from boxes of raw materials. You can find full details on our volunteer page on how you can get involved and help in our mission to create and supply face shields to our NHS.

After a great deal of research into the various manufacturing processes involved in making different PPE equipment, from masks to shields and hand-sanitiser, it was decided that shields are the most cost-effective and achievable route.

Although NHS staff need a range of different PPE equipment to keep them safe, face shields are a product that can be assembled easily and the materials needed are readily available within the UK. This allows us to access the materials needed to scale this project up quickly and create a large number of shields that are needed right now by our frontline NHS staff.

The face shield design we are using is called the Badger Shield and was created by Jesse Darley from US engineering company Delve. They have made the design open-source so that anyone can use it without seeking permission, to help their healthcare system in the fight against COVID-19.

Their design makes use of readily available materials to create a simple and effective face shield for use alongside other PPE equipment to reduce the risk of infection for frontline workers.

The Delve Badger Shield’s open-source design has allowed teams across the world to make a huge difference in this struggle by using a cost-effective design which can be created by anyone without any specialist equipment or skills.

We are a strictly not-for-profit organisation. Full details of all our funding and materials costs will soon be available on this site. We aim to be entirely transparent with everything and if you would like any further information please get in touch with us.

ShieldNHS has been created specifically to help deal with the shortage of PPE equipment in the UK. The moment the supply levels of PPE return to a sufficient level and as a result, there is no longer a supply and demand problem, we will stop manufacturing and supplying hospitals with our shields.

All of our face shields are being 100% donated to NHS workers, we have not and will not be selling or making any kind of profit or financial benefit from this project. We just want to help fight COVID-19!

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